The Chronicles Of Captain Chicken

Smart development in smart way

Understanding Psychology of Kids

Kids have a world of their own, an amazing world. It doesn't matter if it is real or imaginary; for them it is real, may be more than real.

To comprehend children's world, we as a kids brand believe it is vital to get into their world, understand it, feel it and accept it. Our product, Space Nuggets has been developed and designed in shapes of stars, moon, sun, rocket to relate to children and let them eat and discover the space world.

Smart development in smart way

Why Storybooks?

Visuals speak louder than words. Time and again many researchers, studies and surveys have concluded that.

Especially kids can relate to stories easily and if the stories are visually appealing, they take no time to engage into it. Usually kids wear the cloak of protagonist of the tale they read or hear about and get into active mode which ultimately aids them in learning.

Simply Sufi developed the storybooks for children of upto14 years to engage them into reading and make learning fun and creative for them.

Our each story is value-based and different lessons are picked up for children while retaining the common message of healthy eating habits and choosing nutritious food like Space Nuggets.

These storybooks stand to inspire, foster and teach kids important values till they enter into adulthood. We have ensured that these books are not boring; monotonous instead they boost intelligent quotient, analytical skills, and imagination powers amongst kids. Our stories are as yummy and innovative as our product Space Nuggets designed for kids.

Also, these storybooks will raise the interest of kids in books and reading naturally without any pressure or force and they can relate to the characters of the chronicles while eating different shapes of nuggets.

Hence, the main aim to revolve ethical values around space stories is to make kids quick, well-behaved and smart.

Story Books: Snippet Book - 1 Lord of the chickens This opening book introduces a little boy, Titu who falls ill and misses his class. Weak in studies, how will Titu cope up with Space lessons? Captain Chicken, a superhero from the Chicken Land comes to comfort this boy on Earth. Titu is excited to go for a space journey with his new friend Captain Chicken and study space lessons.

Nuggets that make your health, because mommy says, Health is Wealth.
Story Books: Snippet Book - 2 ROCKSY: THE POWER BOOSTER Titu, for the first time, steps into Rocksy – The Space Rocket and this makes him crazy like anything. Captain Chicken enlightens Titu on interesting facts about Rockets and advices him to fight with weaknesses and be as strong as Rocksy.

Fill your pocket with Space Nugget, Lessons of Rocket, you’ll never forget!
Story Books: Snippet Book - 3 CAPTAIN CHICKEN AND THE STARRY SAGA From red stars to blue stars, Captain Chicken narrates different stories of stars to Titu while they pass through millions of stars in the Milky Way. Titu feels amazed and he wants to get back to Earth to share these starry sagas with his friends.

Space nuggets make you strong from meek; Turns your memory sharp from weak!
Story Books: Snippet Book - 4 MARVELS OF MOON What happens when a huge, huge object hits the Earth? Will it destroy Earth or something as lovely as Moon is formed? Captain Chicken and Titu enjoy the Mooney talk while savouring the yummy Space Nuggets.

Eating healthy Nuggets is a boon, You become brave and reach the moon!
Story Books: Snippet Book - 5 THE SUN FUN URBAN LEGEND One fine morning when Titu wakes up, he comes across an object so big, that it could fit one million Earths insides it. Oh my God! What will be Titu’s reaction? Will he be good in learning space objects or simply forget about it?

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Story Books: Snippet Book - 6 GREEN MUSE: FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING The Earth is in danger, melting down due to Global Warming. Titu is helpless and he requests Captain Chicken to help him in saving the Earth.

Will Titu be able to protect Earth and human race from the danger of Global Warming?

Eat Space Nuggets, become Green muse. Tell your friends to recycle, reduce and reuse
Story Books: Snippet Book - 7 SPACE EXPEDITION: IN SEARCH OF THE MOON Once upon a while, the Moon goes missing. The Earth is in trouble and people are extremely sad. Did Mooney hid himself? What was wrong with Mooney? Titu and Captain Chicken go in search of the Moon and get all the answers.

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Story Books: Snippet Book - 8 FLYING ROCKET : A DANGEROUS ACT One day Titu sits in the rocket and carelessly turns it on. Captain Chicken is very angry and worried for Titu’s life. He teaches Titu good values and lessons to be alert and careful.

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Story Books: Snippet Book - 9 RETURN OF STOLEN STARS Things are fine on Earth but the Moon is suspicious of something very wrong in Space and it makes him gloomy. He pleads Titu to save his friends - Stars from Aliens and bring them back. Will Titu be successful in doing so?

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Story Books: Snippet Book - 10 GOOD BYE CAPTAIN CHICKEN Captain Chicken is all set to go back to Chicken Land but Titu is upset. Captain Chicken cheers him up by organising a small celebration and invites Sun, Moon, Rocksy, and Stars. All the friends have fun and Captain Chicken happily departs.

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